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World class service

   With GEC Rewinder, there's no need to continuously    monitor rewinding operations. Production flows without interruption. Paper waste is minimized. Man hours are saved. Press restart adjustments are eliminated. Remarkably feature - rich, user - friendly GEC Non-Stop Rewinders are nevertheless exceptionally easy to set-up and run. A color touch-screen walks the operator through the set-up -- which consists of nothing more than the input of basic production data. It is that simple. Requiring no change in production methods and no modification of associated equipment, GEC Rewinders combine low initial cost, extraordinary savings in both labor and paper, plus markedly enhanced productivity. Even new levels of energy efficiency have been achieved, resulting in greater cost savings and environmental friendliness.












  GEC Non-Stop Rewinders.

   Exceptional reliability.

   Unsurpassed performance.

   Extraordinary engineering.

   Remarkable ease of use.


*Color Touch-Screen operation 

*Automatic Tension Control System

*Direct Tension Readout

*Micro-Programmable Controller

*Transfer Speeds to 1500 FPM (Based on 5" or 6" cores.) 1000 FPM with 3" cores.

*Self-Diagnostic, Single Motor Drive

*Special Lay-On Roll

  Helps to flatten out perfs and evacuate trapped air, thereby producing a tighter   wound roll

*Direct Full Service Back-up by GEC.

*RIGHT or LEFT Version available for all models.



*Auto Forward/Auto Reverse (Outside-In) Operation

 No loss of auto transfer features in reverse winding.

*3", 5" OR  6" cores standard, Other sizes available

* Dual Drive Machine Transfer Speed 1500 FPM (Based on 3" core) 2000 FPM (based on 5" or 6" core)

*Pullstation with Shear and Score Slitters

*Unloading Platform

* Portability Package. Casters and Locating Pins

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